CTF Urges Cultural Preservation: Local Languages in Focus


In response to the recent statement by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha emphasizing the role of the education system in strengthening culture and ethos, the Chenab Times Foundation (CTF), a registered trust dedicated to art, culture, and addressing public grievances, has highlighted the urgent need for preserving local languages and cultures in the erstwhile Doda region.

The president of CTF, Anzer Ayoob, commended the government's efforts in cultural programs but expressed concerns about the impact of non-local influences on the rich heritage of the Chenab region. Ayoob stated, "While the existing cultural initiatives by the government are commendable, the amalgamation of non-local cultures with the unique identity of the Chenab region has led to a dilution of our rich cultural tapestry."

Ayoob further emphasized the importance of integrating local languages into the education system to ensure the preservation of cultural diversity. "We believe that additional classes should be introduced where students are encouraged to engage in activities using their mother tongues. In the erstwhile Doda region, languages like Bhaderwahi, Sarazi, Pogli, and Kashmiri are integral to our cultural identity, and fostering them within educational settings is crucial," he asserted.

The CTF president called for a collaborative effort between educational institutions and cultural organizations to implement measures that not only promote linguistic diversity but also instill a sense of pride in the region's unique cultural heritage. "By incorporating activities that celebrate our linguistic diversity, we can empower the youth to become true ambassadors of a culturally vibrant and progressive Chenab region," Ayoob added.

As the conversation around preserving cultural heritage gains momentum, the Chenab Times Foundation aims to contribute actively to this cause by engaging with local communities, educational institutions, and authorities to develop initiatives that safeguard and promote the distinct languages and cultures of the Chenab region.