At Chenab Times Foundation, our mission is to promote art, culture, and public issues through journalism, both online and offline. Our charitable trust is dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging participation in social and cultural events that shape our communities.

We believe that journalism plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting our cultural heritage, connecting us to our past, and inspiring us to build a better future. As such, we strive to provide accurate and impartial coverage of cultural and social issues that impact our society. 

Our aim is to foster a sense of community and civic engagement through our work. We believe that by highlighting important issues and events, we can help spark a conversation that will lead to positive change.

We work tirelessly to bring our readers the most comprehensive coverage of art, culture, and public issues through our online and offline journalism. Through our work, we hope to create a more informed and engaged citizenry that is invested in the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage.

We welcome your feedback and input as we strive to build a more just, equitable, and culturally rich society. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.