Aims and Objectives

Chenab Times Foundation (CTF) is a charitable trust dedicated to promoting and highlighting art, culture, and public issues through online and offline journalism. Our main objectives are:

  • To promote and encourage the development of art and culture in all its forms, including but not limited to music, dance, theater, literature, and visual arts.
  • To raise awareness of public issues and promote social justice through investigative journalism, advocacy, and public education.
  • To provide a platform for emerging artists, writers, and journalists to showcase their work and develop their skills.
  • To build bridges between different cultures and communities by promoting cross-cultural understanding and dialogue.
  • To foster a sense of community and civic engagement by creating opportunities for people to come together and participate in cultural and social events.
  • To collaborate with other organizations and individuals who share our vision and goals.
  • To use innovative technology and media to reach a wider audience and create impact.
  • To operate with transparency and accountability, and to ensure that our resources are used efficiently and effectively.

At CTF, we believe that art and culture are essential to human well-being and social progress, and that journalism has a critical role to play in promoting democracy, accountability, and social justice. We are committed to advancing these values through our work, and to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities around the world.