Chenab Times Foundation Advocates for Upliftment of Local Languages in Chenab Region


In a parallel initiative reminiscent of Arunachal Pradesh's commitment to preserving indigenous cultures and languages, the Chenab Times Foundation (CTF) is fervently seeking the upliftment of local languages in the Chenab region. President Anzer Ayoob highlighted the need for concerted efforts by the Jammu & Kashmir UT government to prioritize languages like Bhaderwahi, Sarazi, Kishtwari, Pogli, and more.

Drawing inspiration from Arunachal Pradesh's approach, Ayoob emphasized the importance of fostering linguistic heritage, stating, "Just as Arunachal Pradesh is prioritizing local languages and cultures, the Jammu & Kashmir UT government should adopt proper efforts to uplift these local languages in the Chenab region."

Ayoob underscored the significance of recognizing the linguistic diversity within the region, noting that even the majority language, Kashmiri, deserves attention. He urged the implementation of language subjects in schools and colleges specifically catering to the linguistic nuances of the Chenab region, including districts like Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban.

Highlighting the unique linguistic features of Kashmiri in the Chenab region, Ayoob commented, "The Kashmiri spoken here may bear the Chenabi accent and pronunciation, but it is still Kashmiri language." He advocated for tailored educational initiatives that account for these regional variations.

Ayoob acknowledged the contributions of individuals who have worked on the grammatical aspects of local languages, citing the example of Rajinder Singh, a government teacher in Doda district. Singh voluntarily authored a comprehensive Bhaderwahi grammar available in both Devanagari and Nastaliq scripts, introducing new letters to aid in the pronunciation of challenging sounds. Ayoob urged the government to support and utilize such contributions for the overall welfare of the Chenab region.

The Chenab Times Foundation's appeal aligns with a broader global trend of recognizing and preserving linguistic diversity, emphasizing the crucial role of local languages in maintaining cultural identity and heritage.