Chenab Times Foundation Announces Committee to Address Public Grievances in Doda District



In a significant development aimed at addressing the concerns of the public in the Doda district of the Chenab region, the Chenab Times Foundation has officially appointed a three-member committee to spearhead a comprehensive survey of public grievances. The appointment was announced by Maryam Begum, Chairperson of the Chenab Times Foundation, marking a crucial step in the foundation's mission to promote art, culture, and community welfare.

The esteemed committee members are as follows:

  1. Mr. Farid Ahmed Naik - Executive Editor of The Chenab Times: Mr. Naik has been designated as the Head of the Committee. With a wealth of experience in journalism and editorial leadership, his role will be pivotal in overseeing the survey and ensuring its success.
  2. Mr. Anzer Ayoob - Editor in Chief of The Chenab Times: Mr. Ayoob will serve as an Executive Member of the committee. His deep knowledge of regional issues and his editorial expertise will be invaluable in shaping the committee's strategy.
  3. Mr. Naeem ul Haq Wani - Grievances Redressal Officer (GRO) at The Chenab Times: Mr. Wani has been appointed as an Executive Member of the committee. His experience in grievance redressal and community engagement will be instrumental in addressing the identified grievances effectively.

The formation of this committee follows the Chenab Times Foundation's commitment to serve the public and address their concerns. The primary objective of this committee is to conduct a thorough survey across all panchayats in the Doda district, identifying and documenting a wide range of public grievances.

Chairperson Maryam Begum expressed her gratitude to the committee members for their willingness to serve and their dedication to the shared vision of the foundation. She emphasized the importance of this initiative, highlighting the committee's role in advocating for the resolution of identified grievances and ensuring transparency in the process.

The Committee's Mission

The primary objective of the committee is to conduct a thorough survey across all panchayats in the Doda district, one of the prominent regions of the Chenab Valley. This survey aims to identify and document a wide range of general public grievances that are of concern to local communities.

The committee's responsibilities include:

1. Comprehensive Survey: The committee will embark on a detailed survey encompassing all panchayats within the Doda district. The goal is to gain a deep understanding of the various concerns and challenges faced by the local population.

2. Database Compilation: To facilitate future reference and engagement with local authorities, the committee will compile a comprehensive database containing detailed information about the concerned panchayat representatives and their respective blocks.

3. Ground-level Reporting: To ensure the accuracy of their findings, the committee members will conduct visits to each panchayat. These visits will allow them to curate detailed news reports that provide a firsthand account of the grievances identified during the survey.

4. Advocacy and Dissemination: The Chenab Times, in collaboration with the foundation, will present the reports generated by the committee to the relevant authorities. The objective is to advocate for the resolution of the identified grievances. Furthermore, the findings will be disseminated to the wider public, promoting transparency and accountability.

The survey project is expected to foster positive change within the population it serves, promoting better governance and public well-being. Regular updates on the progress of this initiative will be provided to maintain transparency and accountability in the project's execution.