Chenab Times Foundation Initiates Comprehensive Survey to Address Public Grievances in Doda District



In a proactive move towards community service and addressing public concerns, the Chenab Times Foundation, a registered trust dedicated to art, culture, and public welfare, has embarked on a mission to conduct a comprehensive survey across the Doda district in the Chenab region of India. This ambitious endeavor aims to identify and document general public grievances at the panchayat level and advocate for their resolution.

Under the leadership of Maryam Begum, Chairperson of the Chenab Times Foundation, this initiative represents a significant step towards fostering community well-being and effective governance. The foundation, in affiliation with The Chenab Times, a prominent news outlet, is set to form a dedicated three-member committee to oversee this survey.

The primary objectives of this survey are as follows:

1. Thorough Panchayat-level Survey: The committee will conduct an exhaustive survey encompassing all panchayats within the Doda district. This survey seeks to identify and document a wide spectrum of public grievances that are of concern to the local communities.

2. Comprehensive Database: A comprehensive database will be compiled, containing detailed information about the concerned panchayat representatives and their respective blocks. This database will serve as a valuable resource for future reference and engagement with local authorities.

3. Ground-level Reporting: To ensure an accurate representation of ground realities, the committee will visit each panchayat to curate detailed news reports. These reports will provide a firsthand account of the grievances identified during the survey.

4. Advocacy and Dissemination: The Chenab Times, in collaboration with the foundation, will present these reports to the relevant authorities, advocating for the resolution of the identified grievances. Furthermore, the findings will be disseminated to the wider public, ensuring transparency and accountability in addressing these concerns.

This initiative underscores the commitment of the Chenab Times Foundation to its mission of serving the public and highlighting their concerns. By actively engaging with local communities and advocating for their well-being, the foundation and The Chenab Times aim to contribute significantly to the betterment of the region.

The success of this endeavor is expected to not only uphold the values and objectives of the Chenab Times Foundation but also foster positive change and improved governance in the Doda district.

As the committee is set to begin its work, regular updates on the progress of this project will be provided, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and accountability in this vital community service initiative.