Chenab Times Foundation Calls for Equal Embrace of Mother Tongues: Bhaderwahi and Sarazi Deserve Attention



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Release (Dated 14-08-2023)

14 August 2023 – The Chenab Times Foundation, a dedicated trustee of art, culture, and public welfare, extends its warm appreciation for the Indian government's efforts to promote the significance of mother tongues through the National Education Policy (NEP). The Foundation, while applauding the initiative, seeks to draw attention to the need for comprehensive inclusion of all regional languages, especially Bhaderwahi and Sarazi, in this vital endeavor.

The recent statements made by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, emphasizing the importance of learning mother tongues and Hindi, hold immense significance in preserving our rich linguistic diversity. We strongly believe that embracing and fostering native languages contributes significantly to preserving cultural heritage and fostering a sense of identity among communities.

"It is heartening to witness the government's commitment to promoting mother tongues, which form the bedrock of our cultural mosaic," Anzer Ayoob, President of the Chenab Times Foundation, stated. "However, it is with a sense of concern that we raise the issue of linguistic neglect that Bhaderwahi and Sarazi languages have faced in the erstwhile Doda region. Both languages, deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of this region, deserve attention and support from the government in line with the spirit of the NEP."

"We take pride in highlighting that accomplished PhD scholars have dedicated their academic pursuits to Bhaderwahi and Sarazi languages," Anzer continued, "exemplifying the depth of scholarly interest and cultural importance associated with these languages. It is a testament to the profound connection that people of the erstwhile Doda district share with their mother tongues."

"We urge the government to consider implementing a structured approach for the preservation and promotion of Bhaderwahi and Sarazi languages," Anzer emphasized. "By integrating these languages into the curriculum of schools and colleges, we can ensure their continuity and prevent them from fading into obscurity. This step will not only honor the linguistic diversity of the region but also contribute to the larger narrative of nurturing indigenous languages."

"We firmly believe that with the government's support and collective effort, the rich linguistic heritage of Bhaderwahi and Sarazi can be safeguarded," Anzer concluded, "allowing future generations to embrace their roots and unique identities. The Chenab Times Foundation extends its hand in collaboration with the government, scholars, and linguists to ensure that these languages receive the recognition and preservation they truly deserve."

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Anzer Ayoob
President, Chenab Times Foundation