Chenab Valley's Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban Districts Demand Pahari Status: Neglected Mountain Communities Deserve Inclusion and Basic Amenities



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Release (Dated 28-07-2023)

28 July 2023 - The Chenab Times Foundation, under the leadership of President Anzer Ayoob, stands united in questioning and demanding answers as to why the scenic districts of Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban in the Chenab Valley are still not considered as Pahari and are denied Pahari status. Despite residing in the picturesque mountains of Jammu and Kashmir, the people of Chenab Valley continue to face numerous hardships, including a lack of basic amenities and poorly maintained roads, making it essential for them to be granted Pahari reservation.

The residents of Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban have been long-neglected, grappling with the challenges of inadequate infrastructure, unreliable access to essential services, and minimal government attention. These issues not only hinder their day-to-day lives but also restrict their overall development and potential for progress. It is disheartening to witness their struggles while witnessing other communities across Jammu and Kashmir being granted inclusion in the Scheduled Tribe (ST) list.

Chenab Valley is an integral part of the state's cultural heritage, and its people have preserved their distinct art, culture, and traditional practices for generations. The Chenab Times Foundation, as a registered trust focused on art, culture, and public grievances, recognizes the immense potential and unique contributions of the people from these districts. Granting them Pahari status will not only empower them economically but also preserve their rich cultural heritage for future generations.

The Pahari community has long been associated with living in the mountains, and it is indeed disheartening to witness the lack of acknowledgment for the people of Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban in this category. The Pahari reservation status is essential for enabling access to welfare schemes, educational opportunities, and employment benefits that can uplift the lives of the marginalized communities residing in these regions.

The Chenab Times Foundation, along with the collective voice of the people of Chenab Valley, urges the concerned authorities to address this pressing matter urgently. We demand a thorough review of the criteria for Pahari status and inclusion in the ST list to encompass the deserving communities of Doda, Kishtwar, and Ramban.

We call upon the government to take prompt action to ensure that the people of Chenab Valley are not left behind in their quest for progress, and their right to equitable development is upheld. Providing them with Pahari status will not only bring about positive change in their lives but also enhance the overall socio-economic landscape of the region.

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