Chenab Times Foundation President Raises Concerns Over Cultural Erosion in J&K's Chenab Valley Schools



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Release (Dated 10-06-2023)

[Doda, June 10, 2023] - Anzer Ayoob, President of the Chenab Times Foundation, has expressed deep concern over the growing influence of Bollywood songs and dances in private and government schools across the Chenab Valley region of Jammu and Kashmir. Ayoob argues that this trend is gradually eroding the region's cherished cultural heritage, compromising its modesty, uniqueness, and traditional values.

The Chenab Valley, renowned for its rich diversity and vibrant cultural tapestry, boasts distinctive cultural identities such as Bhaderwahi, Sarazi, Kishtwari and Kashmiri. These cultures have long been a source of pride for the local communities, reflecting their deep-rooted traditions and values.

However, Ayoob believes that the increasing promotion of Bollywood-centric content in educational institutions has started overshadowing the region's own cultural heritage. The prevalence of Western-influenced Bollywood songs and dances threatens to dilute and distort the authentic expressions of Chenab Valley's cultural practices, thereby disconnecting the younger generation from their roots.

"The cultural erosion we are witnessing in our schools is deeply disheartening," Ayoob stated. "Our cultural heritage, with its modesty and uniqueness, has always been a source of pride for us. It is imperative that we preserve and promote our own traditions rather than succumb to the homogeneous wave of Bollywood influence, which jeopardizes our unique identity."

The Chenab Times Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of local cultural heritage, has been at the forefront of efforts to safeguard the region's identity. Ayoob's criticism aims to raise awareness and initiate a collective effort among educational institutions, parents, and the community to prioritize the preservation of Chenab Valley's cultural traditions.

In light of this concern, the Chenab Times Foundation calls on schools to incorporate more authentic regional cultural practices into their curriculum, allowing students to appreciate and embrace their heritage. By actively engaging with the Bhaderwahi, Sarazi, Kishtwari and Kashmiri cultures, educational institutions can foster a sense of pride, belonging, and respect for their unique identities.

Ayoob concluded, "We must unite to protect our culture, heritage, and traditional values. Let us reclaim the essence of the Chenab Valley, and ensure that future generations are not deprived of the richness and beauty that define our identity."


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