Chenab Times Foundation Urges Jammu and Kashmir Government, Universities to Initiate Linguistic Survey of Overlooked Languages in Chenab Valley


For Immediate Release

Inspired by the recent launch of the "People's Linguistic Survey of Assam," the Chenab Times Foundation (CTF) is writing to urge the government of Jammu and Kashmir, along with universities and cultural institutions, to undertake a similar initiative in the Chenab Valley. This region is home to a vibrant tapestry of languages facing the threat of extinction, including Bhaderwahi, Sarazi, Pogli, Kishtwari, Rambani, Padari, and Khashali.

"The Chenab Valley's languages are more than just words," declared Maryam Begum, Chairperson of CTF. "They are windows into our history, our traditions, our very identity. Losing them would be like silencing a chorus that has sung for generations."

Anzer Ayoob, President of CTF, echoed the urgency of action. "Many of these languages are fading, their echoes barely reaching the ears of the younger generation. A comprehensive survey, conducted in collaboration with local communities, is crucial to understand their plight, document their grammar and vocabulary, and rekindle awareness about their importance."

The CTF envisions a collaborative effort, drawing inspiration from the "People's Linguistic Survey of Assam" launched by Assam Women's University and Jorhat College. This initiative aims to capture under-represented languages and raise awareness about their preservation. CTF believes that a similar model, tailored to the unique needs of the Chenab Valley, can be the key to unlocking a brighter future for these overlooked languages.

"We urge the government of Jammu and Kashmir, along with universities and cultural institutions, to join hands in this endeavor," stated Ayoob. "Let us not allow the whispers of these languages to fade into silence. Let us document them, celebrate them, and ensure that their melodies continue to resonate for generations to come."

Preserving the languages of the Chenab Valley is not just about safeguarding a part of our cultural heritage; it is about honoring the voices of countless individuals who have shaped the region's history and identity. The CTF calls upon the government and relevant institutions to embrace this responsibility and ensure that the echoes of these languages continue to reverberate through the valleys for generations to come.