Press Release - Preservation of Lesser-Known Languages (Dated 12 April 2023)

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Press Release (Dated 12-April-2023)
Chenab Times Foundation, a charitable trust focused on promoting art, culture, and addressing public grievances, has highlighted the importance of preserving native lesser-known languages in the Chenab Valley region of Jammu and Kashmir. According to Anzer Ayoob, President of the Foundation, preserving these languages is crucial for maintaining the cultural and linguistic diversity of the community.

Mr. Ayoob further added that losing a language would mean losing a part of cultural heritage and identity. Moreover, preserving lesser-known languages like Sarazi and Bhaderwahi has cognitive and educational benefits. Studies have shown that bilingualism can lead to better cognitive functioning and enhanced creativity, among other benefits.

Bilingualism can improve cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, creativity, and multi-tasking, as well as enhancing the brain's ability to switch between tasks, which can lead to increased efficiency in learning and memory retention. Anzer added that being bilingual also has educational advantages as students who speak more than one language often perform better academically than their monolingual peers.

Preserving native languages fosters a sense of community and social connection among the speakers of those languages. Speaking a common language is an essential aspect of community building and social connection, and preserving languages like Sarazi and Bhaderwahi can strengthen social bonds and foster a sense of belonging among its speakers.

The Chenab Times Foundation's efforts towards preserving and promoting lesser-known languages like Sarazi and Bhaderwahi are commendable. With fewer people speaking these languages and a lack of institutional support, these languages are at risk of disappearing. The Foundation is actively working towards their preservation and promotion by creating awareness and encouraging the use of these languages among the youth.

The Foundation is also working on creating resources like books and videos in these languages to preserve them for future generations. These efforts are crucial for the cultural, educational, and social well-being of the community. Anzer believes it is essential to support and encourage such initiatives to maintain the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Chenab Valley region.

Tahir Bilal
Secretary and Media Incharge
Chenab Times Foundation