Chenab Times Foundation Announces New Leadership Team

CTF Letterhead
Releases (Dated 26-02-2023)

In a significant development for the Chenab Times Foundation, a registered trust dedicated to art, culture, and addressing public grievances, a new leadership team has been elected to guide its mission and initiatives.

Maryam Begum has been elected as the Chairperson, bringing her wealth of experience and dedication to the forefront of the foundation's activities. Anzer Ayoob will serve as the President, responsible for steering the organization toward its cultural and community-oriented goals. Tahir Bilal, appointed as Secretary, will oversee the administrative aspects of the foundation, ensuring its smooth operation. Adnan Naik has taken on the role of Cashier, managing the financial aspects of the trust with precision and transparency. 

These newly appointed leaders bring a wealth of expertise and a deep commitment to the Chenab Times Foundation's vision. Together, they aim to foster the growth of art and culture while addressing public grievances in the Chenab region.

Stay tuned for exciting developments and initiatives from the Chenab Times Foundation under the guidance of its newly elected leaders.