The Chenab Times Foundation is a registered trust with a noble objective of promoting art, culture, and highlighting public grievances. In its latest initiative, the foundation has taken up the challenge of preserving lesser-known languages. Through its Multilingual News Initiative (MNI) program, the Chenab Times, a news outlet of the foundation, publishes daily news headlines in Urdu, Sarazi, Bhaderwahi, and Gojri languages.

The MNI program is a commendable initiative that aims to bridge the gap between different communities by promoting linguistic diversity. In today's globalized world, where English has become the dominant language, smaller languages are facing the threat of extinction. The Chenab Times Foundation's initiative is an attempt to preserve these languages and bring them to the forefront.

The MNI program provides a platform for these languages to be heard and read. The news headlines video in Urdu, Sarazi, Bhaderwahi, and Gojri languages not only helps in promoting the language but also in promoting the culture and heritage of the region. The program has received a positive response from the local community, who appreciate the efforts of the Chenab Times Foundation in preserving their language.

The foundation's initiative is also significant as it helps in the empowerment of the local population. In regions where these languages are spoken, people often feel marginalized and left out. The MNI program gives them a voice and helps them feel included in the larger narrative.

The Chenab Times Foundation's MNI program is an innovative approach to promote and preserve linguistic diversity. It is an example of how small initiatives can make a significant impact in promoting social cohesion and inclusivity. The foundation's efforts should be emulated by others who have the resources and capacity to undertake such initiatives.

In conclusion, the Chenab Times Foundation's Multilingual News Initiative program is a significant step in preserving linguistic diversity and promoting cultural heritage. It is a noble cause that deserves commendation and support from all quarters. The initiative is an inspiration to others who want to contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of linguistic diversity.